Meet Hope Jordan ~ Functional & Intuitive Artist

Hope Jordan is a creative! She enjoys both functional art in the form of transforming furniture as well as intuitive two-dimensional art.  Hope Jordan at The Vintage Work Shoppe, evolved out of a love for antiques and most everything vintage. She loves the challenge of giving old pieces of furniture new life. 

"I create as I was created to do so.  My goal is always to exemplify that... just because society discards something... doesn't mean beauty and functionality is lost. Reclaim. Re-purpose. Re-love." -Hope

In 2017, Hope began teaching The Art of Furniture Painting at a local Art Gallery, the local Community College's Continuing Education Department as well as for the Antique Mall she sells in.  

In 2018, Hope became a Retailer for DIY Paint and Paint Pixie Brushes! 2018 was a year of wonderful growth for Hope.  



Artist Statement 

Hope Jordan is a creative! She enjoys both functional art in the form of transforming furniture as well as pursuing her newly found love of  intuitive two-dimensional art.  

Hope has been learning to let go, be curious and be bold creatively as the world is in such vital need of authenticity, connection and true self-expression.  Creating art is how she connects to her true self.   In her intuitive process every dab of paint, every emotion that arises, and her playfulness with paint is an important part of the final piece of art.  Painting intuitively reveals her paintings organically with unexpected and unique compositions, as well as unique color combinations. Hope has embraced the element of surprise with her spontaneous, intuitive art.  

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