Reclaim. Repurpose. Redeem.

The search often starts off in old garages or barns for me. This kind of shopping calls for my rubber boots, old jeans and tee shirt, and of course my "Mermaid Hair, Don't Care" ball cap. Searching through discarded furniture or old galvanized items that were discarded because the original purpose is no longer useful is like a "rescue mission." Even though these pieces have usually been through extreme heat, freezing cold temperatures, sometimes even moisture damage, overall wear from neglect or abandonment, I see a one-of-a-kind story, history, character and a "valuable redemption" getting ready to take place. Taking these discarded pieces of furniture or parts, dirty, rusty and moldy ...full of nail holes, cracks, and weathering, and with my own hands re-creating something of even more value. Thorough cleaning, sanding, cleaning again... then painting or staining all while keeping bits of character that only time and life storms can create. All of this history along side my new vision results in an extraordinary beauty. This is my passion. To reclaim, to repurpose and then to redeem. I look forward to sharing my studio diary with you.

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